Created Nov 17, 2008

Sgt W

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Anarchist at heart, Libertarian by Philosophy. Christian by design (Yes... I said it!) You can have your freaky religion (or not) and I can have mine, so there.

1980-1984 USMC Infantry (0351- 0341)... MCRD San Diego, Stationed at Pendelton and KMCAS (Hawaii) 3 West Pac Tours.
Certified SCUBA Open Water Sept 1982 NAUI on Oahu.

Upon leaving the USMC, schooled in Software Development and have since been a software developer in many different companies and positions within this field to this day.

1985 - 1995 MCSO ((Volunteer) Sheriff Deputy Non-LEO), MRA, CAMRA, Mountain Rescue Posse, Team member, Team Leader, Operations Leader. Instructor, Trainer. Map and Compass. Technical Rock, Self and Group Rescue.

I believe in the Peace Officer model more than the Law Enforcement Officer model. I don't think that most police know, study or practice the law and therefore can't enforce what they really do not know. They instead enforce what their municipality dictates they enforce, thereby ensuring more money for the municipality.

2002-2007 AZARNG (Deployed OIF 2004-2005 Kuwait, Iraq) Fun, Fun, Fun, what can I say? Long paid vacation, on foreign soil. Sightseeing and all that.

Things I believe:
I believe that alcohol is the cause of and cure for most of life's problems.
I believe that government is a lot like alcohol, except for the cure part.
I believe that the appropriate application of high explosives can solve most problems.
I believe that you (and I) are entitled to whatever you (or I) work for.
I believe (read know) that we live in a "Constitutional Republic" and that the "Rule of Law" protects us all as equals.
I believe that if I take care of myself, my family and you take care of your self and your family, that the end result is that everything is taken care of and that government can and will dwindle to non-existence.

I believe that I can change either of these lists, at will, for any reason, at any time.

Things that I do not believe:
I do not believe that I owe you anything for any reason.
I do not believe that you owe me anything for any reason.
I do not believe that you are entitled to anything that you do not, In fact, work for. (no spreading the wealth, so to speak)
I do not believe that we live in a "Democracy", "Representative Democracy", "Representative Republic", "Disneyland", ...

I am "Well Educated" (and well read) but I have not been "Educated" if you get my drift.

Much more, I will follow up.

Have fun